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    save_states: bool = True,
    verbose: bool = True,
    cartesian_batching: bool = True,
    t0: ScalarLike | None = None,
    save_extra: callable[[Array], PyTree] | None = None,

Generic options for the quantum solvers.


  • save_states

    If True, the state is saved at every time in tsave, otherwise only the final state is returned.

  • verbose

    If True, print information about the integration, otherwise nothing is printed.

  • cartesian_batching

    If True, batched arguments are treated as separated batch dimensions, otherwise the batching is performed over a single shared batched dimension.

  • t0

    Initial time. If None, defaults to the first time in tsave.

  • save_extra (function, optional)

    A function with signature f(Array) -> PyTree that takes a state as input and returns a PyTree. This can be used to save additional arbitrary data during the integration.