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pwc(times: ArrayLike, values: ArrayLike, array: ArrayLike) -> PWCTimeArray

Instantiate a piecewise constant (PWC) time-array.

A PWC time-array takes constant values over some time intervals. It is defined by $$ O(t) = \left(\sum_{k=0}^{N-1} c_k\; \Omega_{[t_k, t_{k+1}[}(t)\right) O_0 $$ where \(c_k\) are constant values, \(\Omega_{[t_k, t_{k+1}[}\) is the rectangular window function defined by \(\Omega_{[t_a, t_b[}(t) = 1\) if \(t \in [t_a, t_b[\) and \(\Omega_{[t_a, t_b[}(t) = 0\) otherwise, and \(O_0\) is a constant array.


The argument times must be sorted in ascending order, but does not need to be evenly spaced.


If the returned time-array is called for a time \(t\) which does not belong to any time intervals, the returned array is null.


  • times (array_like of shape (N+1,))

    Time points \(t_k\) defining the boundaries of the time intervals, where N is the number of time intervals.

  • values (array_like of shape (..., N))

    Constant values \(c_k\) for each time interval.

  • array (array_like of shape (n, n))

    Constant array \(O_0\).


(time-array object of shape (..., n, n) when called) Callable object returning \(O(t)\) for any time \(t\).