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    rtol: float = 1e-06,
    atol: float = 1e-06,
    safety_factor: float = 0.9,
    min_factor: float = 0.2,
    max_factor: float = 5.0,
    max_steps: int = 100000,

Tsitouras method of order 5 (adaptive step size ODE solver).

This solver is implemented by the Diffrax library, see diffrax.Tsit5.


  • rtol

    Relative tolerance.

  • atol

    Absolute tolerance.

  • safety_factor

    Safety factor for adaptive step sizing.

  • min_factor

    Minimum factor for adaptive step sizing.

  • max_factor

    Maximum factor for adaptive step sizing.

  • max_steps

    Maximum number of steps.

Supported gradients

This solver supports differentiation with dq.gradient.Autograd and dq.gradient.CheckpointAutograd.